A Day in the Life of Joseph


Joseph is eight years old.
He lives in Ttamu Village in Mityana district.
Joseph is one of thousands of vulnerable children living in extreme poverty in Uganda today.
Joseph lives in a two-room house with his family which includes his aunty, brother and a sister. Today we are digging into the life of Joseph from the moment he wakes up at 5am in the morning, until he goes to bed at 8pm. In Joseph’s own words, and with the help of Mathew from Chronicles of Love Ministry, this is a typical day in the life of Joseph.

A normal day for Joseph starts at 5am, when he wakes and gets ready for school.  He shares the bed with his brother, waking up means the two are out of the bed and ready for prayers. Usually, his aunty leads the prayers and he makes sure everyone is up. A normal breakfast for Joseph’s family includes a cup of black tea brewed with water and sometimes with sugar, boiled maize or sweet potatoes.

Joseph starts his journey to school at around 6.45 am for the 15minute walk to school. He is joined by other children who are also attending St John Primary School. Since his friend is in the later classes, he starts at around 7 am. On their 15-minute walk to school, Joseph and his friends must cross a small forest and a river. 

Although Joseph is quite a studious boy, often preferring study over play, one of his favorite games is ‘Sonko’ he plays it with friends both at school and at their small compound at home. There are two playgrounds at the school, one in the center and another at the front. The playgrounds are on bare ground, which turns into mud during the rains. Joseph`s favorite subject is mathematics and he dreams of becoming a professional engineer who will construct churches for poor communities. He enjoys
teacher Maria lessons because she is always ready listen to his concerns. Joseph usually finishes classwork at 4:00pm after the teachers give them take-home assignment.

His aunty is usually out working in the garden when Joseph gets home. His routine is to clean the house, wash the dishes, fetch water, do his take home and read the bible. He generally goes to bed between 8 and 9 pm.

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