A day in the life of Catherine


Catherine wakes up at around 6:45am together with her brother George.  After washing their faces, the two walk straight to the garden which takes about 40 minutes. Then it is time to start preparing themselves for school. 

George suffers from an antiretroviral condition which requires he eat before taking his medication. Due to limited resources Catherine usually simply has black tea for breakfast.   

Catherine enjoys school very much, so she always ensures they begin the 35 minute walk to arrive on time. She is recognized as one of the most organised girls in her class, and she was appointed class monitor.  Her responsibilities  include making certain the class is organised and clean before lessons begin. She participates in most of class activities. Mathematics being her favorite subject,  her joy overflows when the teacher arrives.  

After school Catherine and her brother begin their house work including washing her uniform, dishes and fetching water. Grandmother is always there to guide her in every activity. At home they keep some animals and Catherine feeds them every evening.  Her grandmother is a good storyteller and each evening after supper she has a story to share with the children. She narrated for us the story of Joseph, Esther and other stories from the bible. Being a Christian family they can’t miss singing gospel songs and prayers before heading to bed.

Rice and meat is Catherine’s favorite dish; she wishes they could enjoy it every Sunday but currently this is impossible. She enjoys playing dodge ball with her friends at school and at home as well.


“When I grow up I want to serve the Lord and become a doctor to treat people like my brother George who is always in hospital. I also want to help the elderly like my grandmother.”





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