At Chronicles of Love Ministries we do our best to care for our children. We care for 52 children from ages 3 through 18. Presently only 3 of our children have sponsors. If you choose to sponsor a child, you will receive photos and images of your child – and you can send and receive messages. 

It costs so little, just a few cents more than $1 per day - but it will mean SO MUCH to any child you choose. Feel free to contact us via email or through Facebook - we welcome your questions, but we truly desire your prayers.

How To Sponsor A Child 

Please contact Kityo Stanley Kiyuuma via email at


or -via our Facebook Page - Chronicles Of Love Ministries Uganda

Sponsorship commitments are $35 USD per month. Please prayerfully consider this as we seek to walk in obedience to God's word in the love & care of orphans & disadvantaged children.