A Day in the Life of Adolph


Chronicles of Love is the only safe place for Adolf where he can play, grow and learn. This is how he describes his life since he joined his new family at the Chronicles of Love Ministry. Before joining the ministry Adolf used to live with his grandfather who was unemployed and relied on help from other community members including one of the staff from Chronicles of Love Ministry. Adolf lived in abject poverty where they couldn’t even afford a balanced meal per day.

Today Adolf is one of the orphans who are being taken care of by Chronicles of Love Ministry. In this special edition we are digging into the life of Adolf from the moment when he leaves his bed until he goes back in the evening.



A normal day for Adolf starts at 7am, when he wakes and gets ready for morning glory session where he enjoys drumming for other children as they sing.

He shares the bedroom with his other boys at the ministry whom he now calls his brothers. He makes sure all the boys are awake and helps the youngest boy to get washed and dressed before the morning glory. At the church Adolf’s talent brings life to the choir and helps make the church praise a moment none wish to miss.

After the prayers, Adolf takes part with other children in preparing their breakfast. A normal breakfast at the orphanage includes a cup of porridge with sugar and boiled yams.

Because of the current Covid-19 pandemic which led to closure of schools, Adolf spends all his time at the orphanage. After breakfast he joins his other friends to start their home based learning classes which are coordinated by their teacher at the orphanage. Although he misses the class environment, he appreciates the efforts from the ministry to keep them learning using different reading materials with support from their teachers. Adolf enjoys reading stories, and he narrated to us how he has managed to improve his reading and writing skills during this period.

Adolf took us around and showed us how he can make stories out of the environment at the orphanage. Together with other kids at the orphanage, they start making balls from what we thought was waste materials.

After two hours of play the children were called for lunch, Adolf is fan of fruits.  He told us with a smile that he especially eating jack fruit and mangoes. He likes being first in everything he does. Adolf tells us that since last month some foods started disappearing from dining.

After lunch all children go to watch television until the time for learning hard skills in the garden. Adolf loves the vegetable garden and he gave us one of the carrots from his garden.

Adolf together with other children are taken for storytelling and bible. At 8:30 pm they go to bed

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